Website Development and Management

Each project contains creativity, inspiration, and imagination

With millions of websites online, and an estimated 3 to 8 seconds to grab your visitors attention, you have your work cut out for you. Sure, you have your products all set to sell, and you have your personnel, ready and raring to go. But what next? A website. Now what? If you’re smart, you’ll get some help.

    When planning a web business, you’ll need..

  • A Website (This is where JCSWebDev comes in.)
  • Domain Name (A domain name is a Web address, such a..)
  • Reliable Hosting (Hosting also known as Web site hosting or Web hosting, is the business of housing,)

Every minute that ticks by, could be a lost sale, or a potentially life long customer going elsewhere. Remember first impressions linger. Why not make a lasting one? There are so many facets to building an online presence, it’s not something you want to guess at. Unless staying in business is not all that important. Content is key, ease of navigation is crucial, and how much more difficult will it be to sell your product since your customers cannot hold it, or pick it up? Now the wheels are turning, and you’re beginning to see why the first thing you should have thought about was your web presence, instead of leaving it for last.

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